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Remember this whole story as your own, in the now, omnipresent within. The 

intelligence that has been and is now creating everything is awakening in you as your 

own conscious intent to evolve.

Remembering the story of your cosmic birth is vital to the full-scale recognition, 

cultivation and incarnation of the Universal Self. This Self is aware of the whole story.

When your Universal Self is revealed to you, you are guided far beyond your personal 

purpose to take your part within cosmogenesis. This is the primary purpose of every 

incarnation now. This is the great fulfillment and reward that the Evolutionary Codes 

unlock within you.

Code 14

See Yourself as a Continuously Regenerating Being, an Element of the Living 


You begin to receive a self-image beyond your mortal condition. You already know that 

you are a member of a living universe that is continually self-creating and self- 

generating, interconnected throughout the whole. You realize that you are informed by 

the quantum field, which holds the energy and information now creating the universe 

and everything in it, including yourself.

Your Universal Self is your persona aspect of this universal field of creative intelligence. 

At the quantum level of the infinitesimally small, you live in a participatory universe that 

comes into form when an observer notices it. By noticing your Universal Self, which 

resides in the quantum field, you begin to bring this Self into reality. You cross the 

threshold toward a next phase of your development as a Universal Human.

As you learn to evoke the image and reality of your Self as the next stage of evolution in 

the imaginal realm, you simultaneously model the Universal Human.

Spontaneously, by your very presence, you serve as a guide in the shift from Homo 

sapiens to Homo universalis.

Code 15

See Yourself as a Universal Presence Manifesting in Physical Form

Be Causal! Be Cause!

You are the universe in person. The universe is Self-creating; so, then, are you.

This is what the great traditions have always taught us. This is what Jesus meant when 

he said: “As ye believe, so it is done unto you.” This is what new Thought teaches as the 

Scientific Mind Treatment. You are one with the substance of creation, co-creating with

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