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Code 11

The First Love Affair is the Love Affair of Ego for Essence. The Second Love 

Affair is the Love of the Integrated Ego/Essence for its Own Universal Self.

The second love affair rises up out of the natural tendency of evolution to be attracted to 

higher order and to the fulfillment of potential.

In the second love affair, the integrated ego/Essence yearns for something more. 

Something deeper is needed for you to realize your full potential. In the second love 

affair, the Essential Self brings the transformed, mature ego with it as it yearns for 

greater fulfillment.

Calling upon the full power of the process of creation, the integrated ego/Essence 

reaches inward and upward for union with the Universal Self.

Your yearning and receptivity to the Being you are beyond space/time, calls in the 

Universal Self. The next love affair begins.

Code 12

Place your Attention on Me, the Universal Self. I Will Lift You into the Quantum 

Landing Field.

Consciously identify with the Universal Self. Remember: “I Am That!” Direct your 

Universal Self to infuse all aspects of your being with vitality and to guide you moment 

by moment.

You are entering the “quantum landing field” within yourself, the space in consciousness 

for the higher frequency of your being to “land” within, to infuse you with a vibration 

that calibrates and harmonizes all aspects of your being. Your goal is not to transcend 

but transformation through incarnation of the full spectrum of selves – body, local self, 

Essential Self, Universal Self – becoming a Whole Being, a Universal Human, your own 

Full Potential Self.

Code 13

Remember Me Into Reality. I Am Coded with a Continuity of Consciousness 

That Remembers the Whole Story of Creation.

In your mother’s womb you have experienced the evolutionary story – starting with your 

life as a single cell, to a zygote, a little multi-cellular animal, a fish, a mammal, an early 

human and then a newborn human, coded with the potential for your own growth. So 

now, you can remember your larger 14 billion year “birth narrative”: cosmogenesis. The 

atoms, molecules, cells, organs, and brain of your being were created in the mysterious 

process of evolution. You are coded to remember the past and also the future.

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