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Code 8

Evolve Your Ego into Frequency Alignment with your Essence

As the Whole Being incarnates and stabilizes, it makes it possible for the Universal Self 

to fuse with Essence, thereby transforming local selves into a higher more aligned 

frequency. This is the evolution of the ego from its separated fear-based state to its 

integrated, transparent state, where it becomes capable of acting upon the inspiration of 


Some of the most powerful people in the world like Gandhi or Martin Luther King were 

able to do this. They had very strong egoic aspects completely transparent to Essential 

Self. The evolution of the ego is concurrent with the incarnation of the Self.

You are learning the path of the cocreator. The integrated Whole Being is one who 

spontaneously and naturally expresses life purpose, cocreating some vital aspect of the 

emerging world.

Code 9

Allow Yourself to Grieve the Leaving of the Animal-Human Self-Conscious 


Transcend and include the animal-human self-conscious phase of your evolution as your 

whole-centered, universal ever-evolving phase emerges.

There is a subtle self-selection process occurring that may separate you from those you 

love. Yet, the reward is that you are attracted to and are attracting those who are 

evolving. Through this resonance you accelerate your own evolution, even while you 

may feel regret at losing connections with those who no longer participate in their own 


Code 10

Use the Protective Balm of your Whole Being to Protect Your Nervous System 

from Negative Thoughts

In this process you develop such a sensitive nervous system, that literally every thought 

is felt and registered. When you have a concern or an angry thought, you may feel your 

entire nervous system react because your biofeedback is so sensitive now.

Breathe the protective balm of universal energy into your nervous system, creating an 

actual coating of the nerve cells with a protective frequency that causes your negative 

thoughts to bounce off the nerve cells, leaving them calm and fully receptive to 


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