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expression of consciousness, or is it mindless and purposeless? Is there reincarnation or 

no reincarnation? Is there no self or a Universal Self? Is death end or a transition to life- 


Given the wealth of beliefs, choose the ones that create the experience of empathy, 

love, creativity, joy, healing, hope, and optimization of potential in you and others. 

Choose those most consistent with the nature of reality as revealed through science, 

intuitive knowing and in the lives of great beings who have manifested extraordinary 

capacities available to us through a harmonious combination of self, social, and 

scientific/technological evolution.

Be responsible for the thoughts you think. You are gaining what used to be called god- 

like powers.

The universe is responsive to request. Metaphysical beliefs are becoming evolutionary 

choices in real time.

Do you choose to extend your life or to die as a creature human? Do you choose to live 

on this Earth or in space? Do you choose to evolve yourself as a Universal Human or 


Choose carefully what you believe, for as you believe, so it is done unto you.

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Release Your Local Mind’s Constant Scanning for What Needs to Be done.

Invite the local mind to relax and follow the inspiration of the higher mind, taking 

responsibility for your thoughts and making conscious choices moment by moment.

Allow the higher mind/heart connection to secure itself at a stable frequency, for that 

connection knows what needs to be done in every moment, spontaneously.

When the local self attempts to do what needs to be done in separation from the 

Universal Self, it is far less efficient than when it’s carrying out the expression of the 

greater Self.

When you do not know what needs to be done, don’t try to figure it out. Relax, release, 

allow. Ask your Universal Self for guidance. That Self knows. Then trust the process of 

creation within you. And when you do know what needs to be done it can be carried out 

efficiently, effectively and often spontaneously as part of the larger design of evolution, 

the emergence of a more complex and harmonious order.

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