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Code 4

Allow Me to Infuse You with Power and Glorious Radiance. Do Not Fret, Rush or 


The energy of the universal process of creation resides in the Universal Self. Through 

loving attention and intention, this power and glory animate you, releasing you from the 

tension of operating as a separated self.

Let the joy of the greater self flow through you now.

Code 5

Practice Letting Go of the Local Self's Desire to Organize and Allow Integrated 

Ego/Essence to Guide Your Actions All Day.

The local self cannot organize or figure out the complexity of what needs to be done 

within a larger whole, which is itself rapidly being repatterned to a higher, more 

harmonious order. The integrated ego/Essence, now inspired and fusing with its own 

Universal Self, is encoded with the process of creation and your part in it.

Let your mental mind relax, while remaining poised and sensitive to the unfolding 


The Great Creating Process is expressing itself as you.

Allow the design to unfold from within you and beyond you, linking you with the people, 

actions and knowledge needed to fulfill your part in the design.

You are part of a larger cosmic pattern that is progressive, that evolves a universe from 

sub-atomic particles to you and me here and now. As you say “yes” to your Self and to 

your vocation, let go of the first stage rocket of your organizing mental mind. Allow the 

deeper knowing that flows from the larger whole guide you without mental thought.

Your action becomes the process of cocreating with the deeper design of creation and 

with one another.

Code 6

Choose Ideas Which Activate More of Your Life Purpose, Creativity, Joy and 

Lovingness of Others.

How do you know if an idea you hold is true or not? There are so many views on the 

nature of reality, each differing from the other in the philosophical and theological realm. 

None are provable or disprovable. Is there no God or is God incarnate? Is evolution an

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