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Be compassionate with yourself. You are taking a monumental leap here and are 

evolving our species! This is neither a self-help course nor an effort to be better at what 

you already do. This is self-induced conscious evolution toward a new human and a new 

humanity, for which there is no full model yet. Through this process, you are modeling 

the Whole Being within your own imaginal realm and with two or more sharing this 

purpose with you.

This is not a linear process. Just like a toddler, you may return to the “infantile” state in 

a moment of pain or reactivity. Remember, we are all very young as Universal Humans, 

Yet, gradually, you will feel the metamorphosis taking place. When you look back on 

your former state of being, you will take notice that there have been phase changes that 

are definitive and irreversible.

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Let Go of Your Worldly Self-Image


As you evolve beyond the human-creature, you naturally let go of your worldly self 

image and your need to have position and status in the existing world.

The existing world does not give status to you as a young Universal Human just learning 

how to be your Full Potential Self.

However, when the world community encounters a great being like Jesus, Buddha, 

Muhammad, Lao Tse, Confucius or Gandhi – they will transform whole cultures in their 


Eventually, Universal Humans will cocreate a Universal Humanity, a culture in which all 

people are free to do their best and be their own Universal Self-incarnate.

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Notice Flashes of Freedom and Keep Bringing Your Attention to Them

Evolution creates greater consciousness and freedom through more complex and 

harmonious order. You are evolving toward higher consciousness and greater freedom in 

a world that is increasingly becoming more complex. Your flashes of freedom are 

actually awareness of your coming state of being as a new norm.

Surrender your illusion of separation and join whole-heartedly with the creative intent as 

it expresses itself personally through your yearning to cocreate and participate in the 

evolution of self and the world.

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