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The God Force, the Great Creating Process, comes up through the desire to survive, to 

reproduce a species, then through the desire to evolve the self, finally into the 

potentiality for the transformation of the self, through the full-scale incorporation of that 

Life Force as You.

You are the Life Force embodied at its next stage. When you are free of fear, the Life 

Force flows unimpeded and unconflicted as you.

Code 47

Hold the Master Field of Ascending and Descending Life Force in Your Heart.

The ascending Life Force is the core of the evolutionary spiral, the Great Creating 

Process expressing as all nature. This Force enters in through the lower chakras, 

animating the body, then ascends into the personality/egoic self – reaching into the 

heart, where personal essence resides. Concurrently, the Full Potential Self turns on, the 

mental mind relaxes, the egoic personality becomes a lamb in love with its own Essential 

Self, the body begins to be vitalized and out of this coordination the Whole Being 


The ascending and descending Force meet in your heart, generating the master field 

that can hold the frequency of the whole system as a new norm.

Code 48

Consolidate, Substantiate, Self-Calibrate and Con-Celebrate in the Process of 

Becoming a Universal Human.

These are four words that help you remember this process:

CONSOLIDATE: Integrate a whole spectrum of selves until you can feel them as a 

sequence unbroken.

SUBSTANTIATE: Become the new substance so that the Whole Being begins to integrate 

all aspects of your self, so you can feel your whole self as substantial.

SELF-CALIBRATE: Identify the unique thrust of the life pulse moving through vocation 

into actualization and full self expression within the larger whole. It is necessary to 

constantly self-calibrate so that you’re not moving out of position, doing something that 

is not quite yours to do.

CON-CELEBRATE: Celebrate - with your self, with others, with the Great Creating 

Process, and the universe itself – the great privilege of being born at the time of a 

planetary birth, with the consciousness to know that you are evolving as a Universal 

Human participating in the cocreation of a Universal Humanity.

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