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Code 43

Internalize the Field of Your Whole Being, so Your Scattered Attention Becomes 

Focused and Coherent.

When the Whole Being consolidates within you, it organizes your life. The tasks you 

have to do will not overlap and confuse you. The stressful continuing shifting of patterns 

will stop. In the Whole Being, the magnetic field is internalized and stabilized. The 

internalization of the field stabilizes the pattern and then you do what you do without 

that distraction.

Code 44

Substantiate Your Consolidated Power by Blending Father Energy and Mother


Visualize the Great Creating Process, the Implicate Order, the Core of the Spiral 

animating the third chakra, your power center, infusing it with guided creativity. This is 

the key to regeneration.

Feel the power of the father energy blending with the receptivity of the mother in the 

seat of power, which is the will. This is the site of consolidation: power joined with heart 

guided by the impulse of creation drives your whole organism. Feel this power 

substantiating within you.

Code 45

You Substantiate When you Consolidate Your Experience of the Whole Being

Breathe in union with the essential Self until your vibrations are blended in a rich 


Bring all the aspects of your being into alignment through consolidation. Then, through 

substantiation, you create the substance of that alignment as yourself, a young 

Universal Human.

Code 46

Focus on the Life Force as the Through Line of Your Personal Transformation 

Toward Substantiation.

The Life Force is the Life Pulse arisen from the drive for self-preservation, through the 

sexual drive for procreation, through the supra-sexual drive for co-creation to its next 

phase – the metamorphosis or transformation of the person.

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