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This document contains an excerpt from the introduction “Welcome to the 52 Codes” 

and Codes from the book 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution. Our group work is now 

focusing on Code 52.

Excerpt from the introduction:

“With each code I give a brief description of the meaning, only a suggestion. But more 

important than reading my interpretations will be your own. Do not be confined or 

constrained by what is written below each Code. Your Universal Self knows what it 

means for you and will also give you specific Codes around that theme. The best practice 

is to speak spontaneously to one another from the Silence of your being, as the words 

come to you without editing or thinking. Thus you begin to manifest in your own 

consciousness the image and experience of your self evolved as a Whole Being.

We suggest that as part of your morning meditation you select a Code. It is best to start 

with Code One and continue throughout the 52 Codes, possibly one a week or one each 

day or whatever is most comfortable for you.

Read the Code. Listen deeply to your own intuition, then write in your journal any 

inspired insights of Codes that come to you.

Even better, invite a partner or small resonant core group to do the Codes with you.

Create a sacred space. Do an attunement. Read a Code out loud. Be silent. Then speak 

to one another from your own deepest self, building and gaining revelations as you 



Put This Purpose First! 


The key is to yearn with all the passion of your being for your own evolution, beyond the 

separated state. You must put this purpose first. This does not mean that there is 

nothing else in your life or that you become a hermit in isolation from others. No! It 

means you keep your attention on the highest possible frequency of your being and, to 

whatever degree possible, bring your Whole Being into harmony with that frequency. 

The purpose is to be able to live your daily life in such a way that you both lift yourself 

and others. You become a beneficent presence. Your own experiential evolution is the 

energy that evolves others and flows through your work with the fire of the force of life 

itself. The same force that brought atom-to-atom and cell-to-cell is now integrating you 

and radiating out to others.

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