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Code 40

Communicate Directly as Your Full Potential Self to the Full Potential Self of 


This incorruptible communication system occurs when there is no break in the flow of 

consciousness through all the selves up unto the Godhead.

This process stabilizes your awareness of the Whole Being as yourself.

Self to Self communication is a high form of resonance. It anchors the consciousness of 

the Self in the two or more.

Experience the voice of your own Universal Self, record it, meditate on it, incarnate it 

and communicate it to other selves doing the same.

Thus you create the new incorruptible Self to Self communication system required to 

stabilize your awareness of the Whole Being that you are.

Code 41

Reside in the New, in the Now, Unfolding at the Edge of Evolution.

Keep continuity of consciousness with the communication you are receiving on a 

continuous basis, every second. Live with a poised mind, allowing the Self to come 

through all the time, as you learn to integrate the higher mind with the mental mind and 

the body.

Be present, as the presence of the Full Potential Self, spontaneously unfolding within 

you, as the guidance is experienced.

Code 42

Avoid the Corruptibility that Comes from Breaking Communication Between Your 

Universal Self and Your Mental Mind.

Corruptible means “able to be broken.” You can’t make the corruptible incorruptible by 

doing anything. You become incorruptible by being connected, and everything you do 

flows from there.

To become incorruptible, create an unbroken communication from your Universal Self to 

your mental mind to at least one other in a resonant field.

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