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Code 37

Guide the Transmutation Process by Aural Alchemy.

Cocreate and guide your own transmutation by hearing from within, recording what you 

hear, and communicating this intuitive knowing to one or more others with whom you 


When you experience the Word, communicate the Word, and meditate upon the Word. 

The Word is made flesh in you.

Code 38

Raise Your Thoughts to the Magnetic Integrated Field of the Whole Being

Resolve problems by raising your thoughts and concerns to the magnetic integrated field 

of the Whole Being, the Mother/Father God within.

Bring your thoughts up into the whole integrated field rather than allowing your 

attention to sink to a lower frequency.

When your attention is on a concern, remember the presence of your integrated Whole 

Being and magnetize the concern into that field. There you will discover how to resolve 

the problem without the illusion of separation, for your ego and your Essence are 

connected as a Whole Being. This union removes the ego’s fear. It has come home at 


Code 39

Develop an Incorruptible Communication System for Your Inner Scripture

Now is the time for you to set up the new and incorruptible communication system for 

the emerging Word of evolution as it appears through experiential listening, asking, 

scribing, and mapping in such a way as to activate the Word becoming conscious in 


The Word of evolution is the inner scripture. It is sacred; it needs to be cherished, 

cultivated and remembered.

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