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creature human condition, just as Homo sapiens sapiens transcended (and included) 

Homo habilis, the first toolmaker.

Code 35

Hold Your Attention Still to Crystallize the Image of your Whole Being. Bring It

into Consciousness and Thereby Create It.

By holding your attention on the image of your Whole Being, you create it. Your physical

body feels lighter and is infused with vitality and peace.

Practice this: Be still. Feel the Universal Self substantiate from the invisible to the barely 

visible, like golden shimmering light coming into an ethereal or transparent form.

Let the Universal Self integrate all aspects of your being. Feel yourself emerging 

between the formless reality beyond space/time and the existing form of the physical 

body. You are becoming a Whole Being here on Earth: radiant and universal in unique 

form, transcending the illusion of separation and releasing the stress that comes from 

believing in that illusion.

The higher frequencies of the vibrations of the physical body stabilize. The Universal Self 

is in resonance with all aspects of its own being. Neither a guru nor a teacher, the Whole 

Being is an evolving human incarnate – an integration of all levels of Self.

The mother and father are one in the Whole Being, so that Self appears to be 

androgynous. It holds the frequencies of the mature mother and father: anima and 

animus, yin and yang.

Code 36

Guide the Metamorphosis of Your Earthly Self with the Coding of Your Universal 


Practice self-evolution in the imaginal realm, by calling forth the image of your Full 

Potential Self incarnate, as a Whole Being.

After contact with the Universal Self, there is a period of consolidation.

Place the attention of the body, the local self and the Essential Self on the Universal 

Self. The Universal Self can then consolidate and integrate all those aspects of your 

being as a Whole Being.

When you get the image of your Whole Being and hold it there in the field, the Universal 

Self can fuse with Essence, transforming all your local selves into a higher, more aligned 


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