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Code 32

Stay In Your Center and Breathe in the Light

Take deep breaths and breathe into the center of the heart. The breath fixes this 

vibrational level of frequency into the new substance of yourself as a Universal Human.

Once integration stabilizes, there is a period of consolidation, integration, and 

incorporation. This is a natural process. You are becoming an individualized cosmic 


Code 33

Come Forward as a New Norm, Not as Superior or Exceptional.

When you come forward as a new norm in a way of sharing the experience rather than 

acting superior, you trigger the experience in others.

If you come forward as superior, others will be offended, or will idolize you, and you will 

not be able to serve them.

Learning how to come forward as a Whole Being, a new model available to all, is the 

practice you are undertaking.

Code 34

Feel Your Light Body’s Code Radiating at the Center of the Nucleus of Every Cell 

of Your Body, Consummating the Union of the Essential Self and the Universal 


You are co-creating with the Universal Self an incorruptible vibrational field around you, 

penetrating into the nucleus of your cells.

Turn your attention to the process of transmutation of your cellular structure and focus 

on the vibrational field that holds the collective memory of your full potential.

Place your attention at the very center of your cells. There is an information pattern 


Choose to activate that pattern with your intention to become a body resonant with 

thought, a new body capable of responding to your full passion to create and to express 

divine intent. Feel the metamorphosis of the body as your consciousness expands.

Nature always creates new bodies for new consciousness. From amoebas to fish to 

mammals to humans and now to Universal Humans, bodies have changed and are 

changing now. When you are able to combine conscious intent, new health and healing 

modalities and new technologies, you will be on the threshold of gaining continuity of 

consciousness through ever-evolving bodies. You are transcending (and including) the

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