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Your position in the evolving social body in not merely given to you, it is emergent 

through and from your willingness to express your innate creativity and genius given to 

you by the process itself.

Attunement to the larger design of creation is your guide, as it orients you through 

attraction and the compass of joy.

Code 23

My Work in the World is Charged with the Vitality of my Universal Self.

The old world is passing away. A new world is being born through you. It is only natural 

that you get weary, often discouraged and feeling a failure, just like a child. Yet, the 

very force of creation – which brought you from sub-atomic particles to you and me, 

now – is working within you as you.

The purpose of life is to realize potential. This is a 14 billion year trend! To have the 

vitality to fulfill your life purpose here and now, during Late Transition on Earth, your 

work is charged with the vitality and courage of the Universal Self, the aspect of your 

being that knows that “victory is assured for all those whose consciousness is shifting.”

Your work can be effortless, enjoyable, fruitful and transformational. The doing 

enhances the being, and the being enhances the doing. This is true co-creation!

Code 24

Create an Ascension Chamber into Which Your Personal Essence Can Lift into 

the Direct Point of Contact with Your Universal Self.

You are creating internal spaces in consciousness that foster your evolution. Ascension is 

another word for evolution. Evolution is a process of ascending – of the emergence of 

ever more complex forms, quantum jump by quantum jump.

The “ascension chamber” is a focused space for the integrated ego/Essence to rise and 

to fuse with your Universal Self. This chamber accelerates the fusion process. The 

Alchemy of metamorphosis is cultivated. The integration of the full spectrum of selves 

occurs, until you are ready to emerge as a Universal Human, a Whole Being, a cocreator 

of your world.

Code 25

Feel the Integration of Your Essential Self with Your Universal Self as a Whole 


The convergence of the Essential Self and the Universal Self forms the early expression 

of the Whole Being – the integrated self, the evolving human, ready to serve as a guide 

in the transition from Homo sapiens to Homo universalis.

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