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Code 21

Be Ready to Repattern at the Next Stage When the Larger Pattern is Ready for 


The larger process of evolution is repositioning you. Due to the planetary shift, your new 

position is being readied for you. You must be ready for it.

Imagine cells in the womb creating eyes that have never seen, ears that have not yet 

heard – a body that has no apparent use. Then comes birth and new functions! The eyes 

see; the ears hear; the body coordinates itself and breathes for the very first time. Just 

so, as you collectively shift from the womb of self-consciousness to the world of 

cocreative, whole-organism consciousness, your functions shift spontaneously.

Everything that is dysfunctional in your life gets more dysfunctional, while new 

functionalities start emerging. Your new identity as a young Universal Human takes 

hold. Your creativity unfolds towards new life purpose.

The larger pattern is the shift in the planetary body now calling you to express yourself 

in new and dynamic ways. The “future present” is magnetizing you forward. As you feel 

called to greater awareness and action be ready for the very fabric of your life to 


Let go of what does not work and allow the new patterns to draw you forward by 

attraction. This is not a one-time event but a continuous process of unfolding toward life 

ever evolving.

Code 22

Your True Vocation Calibrates You Into the Right Position in the Social Body

You cannot fully embody unless you are in the right position within the whole system. 

The right position is calibrated by the place within the social body in which your true 

vocation and untapped potentiality are most fully and joyfully expressed and of service 

to others.

Your true vocations are without labels; they are responsive to new conditions; they are 

explorations into the unknown world you are cocreating. They are formative of the new 

world. True vocations are expressions of the universal process of creation localized 

within each of you.

These vocations are part of a larger pattern of evolution. By saying “Yes” to the inner 

impulse to create, you are guided to find one another. You join genius and, in that 

joining, you express more of your creativity. Newness emerges.

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