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The universal Self feels like an angel embracing and infusing you with its frequency so 

that there is no separation among the levels within yourself. The inner cacophony 

becomes harmonized as the Universal Self’s frequency calibrates all the lesser 


This Self is higher and stronger and offers to all levels of being their true desire for 

greater consciousness and freedom through more harmonious order. This wedding with 

the Universal Self moves toward fulfilling the ultimate yearning for transubstantiation 

and divinization. or self-evolution, by whatever name you call it. Through the extended 

wedding day you are given the great gift of your own emergence as a Whole Being: 

Homo noeticus, Homo Universalis, a gnostic being, consciously evolving and 

participating in the next step of evolution on Earth.

The extended wedding day is the ceremony of this next stage of incarnation through 

vibrational evolution. The evolutionary marriage bed is the place of loving union. The 

progeny is the Whole Being coming forth in all its glory.

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Ask For and Receive Continuity of Consciousness

The Universal Self is timeless, existing beyond space/time. Continuity of consciousness 

is given in the timeless realm, in the ever-present now, where the whole developmental 

process is present and open to you. Time exists in the fourth dimension. However, there 

are many more dimensions beyond time and space that compose and coordinate the 

universe as a coherent whole. In these dimensions, all is present simultaneously.

It is said that the “akashic field” holds the memory of all that has been within the 

quantum vacuum. This knowledge becomes available to you in the realm of universal 


At the next stage of evolution, you experience direct knowing by identity with the 

process of creation and its recorded unfoldment in the 14 billion years of evolution 

encoded within you. Even more – the Void, the field of all possibilities, the ground of 

being, the quantum field, the mind of God, That, out of which everything is arising – 

becomes the conscious source of your being. You are both in eternity and unfolding in 

time. Evolutionary consciousness makes it possible for you to experience yourself in 

pure timeless awareness, while simultaneously unfolding in time.

The body is always passing away, but the Self that already has continuity of 

consciousness never passes away. It creates bodies ever more refined until it creates a 

light body that can materialize and dematerialize and resonate throughout the universal 


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