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The incarnate deity is the fusion of the Universal Self and the Essential Self/local self. 

This fusion provides you with the needed vitality and inspiration required to fulfill your 

purpose on Earth during this period of Late Transition when dissonance increases and 

chaos looms. Through this fusion you become a “strange attractor,” a magnet and model 

of your Full Potential Self.

This fusion of all aspects of your being is vital for all those who seek to be guides in the 

transition from Homo sapiens to homo universalis.


Place Your Attention on the Point and Process of Convergence of your Universal 

Self and Your Essential Self

This point of convergence of Universal Self and Essential Self provides the energy that 

drives the transition to its destiny.

This process centers in the heart. It is the place of the greatest love between the human 

and the Universal Self, experienced as a steady state of being. It is the space in 

consciousness where the vibrational field of the Essential Self attunes to the higher 

frequencies of the Universal Self. As it vibrates within you, this vital energy infuses your 

heart with love and courage. There can be no failure, because this Presence exists.

The higher frequency of the Universal Self is lifting the frequency of the Essential Self.

Identify with the Universal Self until it becomes real, at which point the higher frequency 

lifts the frequency of the Essential and local selves.

Stay in the heart center and breathe in the light. This fixes the alchemical reaction into 

the new substance of the Universal Human – body, mind, and higher mind vibrating 

together in a new harmony, at a higher frequency.

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You Are Entering an Extended Wedding Day of the Essential Self and the 

Universal Self

This is the marriage of your evolving human self and your Universal Self. It is the point 

of contact that allows the Universal Self to infuse you as a human being with its power 

and glorious radiance.

Experience merging with the Universal Self. This vibration stimulates joy and ecstasy 

leading to the union of the earthly human with its Universal Self. It is a gradual, 

progressive process.

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