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Diana Cooper’s “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws” 
: A Distillation

Part 4 – The Laws of Higher Frequency

The Law of Frequency or
You might call them many names; they’re 
actually there to serve you. To show you what 
dark spots you need to clean up. Take a closer 
I’m energy. You’re energy. 
Everything we see is energy. look. Bring out the spiritual detergents. A pure 
aura offers total protection.
Everything we think + feel is energy. It’s all energy 

vibrating at different frequencies. Negative 30The Law of Perspective
energies like self‐doubt, jealousy + guilt are heavy 
Nothing is what it appears to 
vibrations (low frequency). Positive vibrations are 
light (high frequency). You have the power to be, and yet, everything is what it 

change the frequency of those around you. Raise
is. A matter of perspective. There
is no right or wrong, only your perspective on it. 
yours. Raise theirs. That’s how it works.
Your will be different from someone else’s, 
27depending on your level of consciousness. Every 
The Law of Miracles
challenge presents an opportunity to expand 
Events that defy earthly logic your perspective. Remove the blinkers of 
or science are miracles. The 
judgement. Reframe your view. There’s more to 
inexplicable. The coincidental.
reality than just what you see. Look through a 
The synchronous. They’re all directed and wider window. The panoramic view is much 
orchestrated by the universe so you have the 
opportunity to fulfil your destiny. Spiritual help, if 
you will. And as your vibrations rise, you will 31
The Law of Gratitude
receive more + more of it. Miracles are signs that 
Appreciation. Giving thanks. 
you’re on your true path.
Gratitude. When you express it, it 
28grows. (Remember the Law of
The Law of Healing
Attention: What you give energy + attention to 
Denied or suppressed increases + multiplies.) Hence the saying: “The 
emotions manifest in the body as 
more grateful your are for what you have, the 
physical illness. “Healing takes
more you will have to be grateful for.” Make 
place when high‐frequency energy flows through gratitude a habit. Find things to be grateful for. 
the body, transmuting the stuck energy which 
There are many; even in the rough tough stuff. 
caused the disease.” You can heal yourself. You Especially in the rough tough stuff. Life offers rich 
can heal others too, provided your vibration or 
frequency is high enough. And provided you have 
permission from them to do so. (Remember the The Law of Blessings
Law of Request...karma, spiritual interference?) 
When given and asked for with 
Raise your vibrations. Shine bright. Let your light 
be a healer.
genuine intent, blessings invoke 
divine energy. “Bless your food

29and it will radiate life force + energy. Bless your 
The Law of Purification
work and it will increase + be filled with joy. Bless 
Your aura is your spiritual people around you and they will be happy + 
clothing. Unresolved issues, 
fulfilled. Bless your plants and they will grow 
suppressed feelings, negativity,
abundantly. Bless your home and it will be a 
fear {COLLECTIVELY: YOUR BAGGAGE} show up as dark, 
place of peace. Bless your body and it will 
dirty stains. They will magnetise people and 
challenges into your life to draw your attention to become a beautiful temple for your spirit.” Bless 
everything + everyone. Including you.
these blotches. People who point out negative 

spots in your aura ‘press your buttons’.

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