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Diana Cooper’s “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws” 
: A Distillation

Part 3 – The Laws of Higher Awareness

Law of Balance + Polarity
from only your perspective; but there’s a part of 
you that does. The part of you that’s connected 
The experience of extremes or 
sweeping in wide arcs from one to to Source. YOUR INTUITIVE VOICE, which doesn’t 

the other, means you’re out of
always align with logic. What feels right? What’s 
your instinct telling you? Stay open + listen. Be 
balance. We all have polarities; unresolved, 
opposing aspects that need to be brought into discerning. Allow your intuition to guide you.

equilibrium. Masculine + feminine. Doing + being. 22
Thinking + feeling. Nurturing + protecting. Resting The Law of Affirmation

+ working. Find your own centre; your sweet You become what you affirm

spot, full of grace + ease + creative genius.
to be true. Affirm in the positive.
Affirm in the short, sweet, simple, 
The Law of Karma
present. Affirm as though you already are – the
most powerful space from which to create.
As you give, so you receive. 
You reap what you sow. Cause + 
effect. They all sum up the same
The Law of Prayer

principle: what you put out will come back to Prayer is your direct line to the 
you, in some form or another. It’s the balancing universe. It doesn’t answer to

of your spiritual bank account. It’s inevitable. It’s begging/bargaining/manipulation. 
karma. Pay your debts. Invest in actions that will Ask for what you want with pure intentions, firm 

grow your spiritual bank balance.
belief + commitment to do your part. What you 

19are ready to receive will be granted. The answers 
The Law of Reincarnation
often come in obvious, practical ways. (Contrary

Carne: flesh. Reincarnate: to to popular belief, god isn’t into obscurity.)
Ask gracefully. Ask gratefully. Ask faithfully. 
return to the flesh, to earth. 
Something you will do again and
And relax! It’s easier to stay open when you’re
calm + centred.
again until you put your past and your past lives 

to rest, complete recurring or unresolved issues, 24
pay off karmic debts and learn the lesson of love. The Law of Meditation

In short, you will reincarnate until you have Quiet your mind‐chatter so
mastered the spiritual laws. Use your time on you can hear the still voice of the

earth well. Learn. Grow. Heal. Look to the light.
universe. It’s always giving you 
feedback, guidance + ideas. Be still. Tune in. You 
The Law of Responsibility
don’t have to sit cross‐legged in the dark to hear 

You are responsible for your it. You just need to NOT talk over it. Take a walk. 
Prune rose bushes...anything that quiets the
Self, your thoughts + feelings, 
your decisions, your actions, your
mind is meditation.

life. Each person around you is responsible for 25
theirs. Allow them that. Take responsibility for The Law of Challenge

your stuff and remember, “challenges + As your spiritual self is

responsibilities are an honour. They indicate that awakened, your light will burn
spiritually, you are ready for greater things.”
brighter and may attract darker 

beings of lesser or impure intentions. Your task is
21to discern between good + bad. Make your light 
Law of Discrimination
This should be called the Law so strong that the darkness cannot affect you. If 

of Intuition – trusting your gut. in doubt, challenge those who wish to enter your 
space. It’s there for your protection.
You cannot know the whole truth

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