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Diana Cooper’s “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws” 
: A Distillation

Part Two – The Laws of Creation

The Law of Attention
intentions. Clear, concrete commitments are. 
They are the basis of manifestation. “And 
Attention is the focus of your 
thoughts, words + actions. Energy. You intention is like an arrow in flight; nothing can 

manifest whatever you give your energy
deflect it. So aim carefully.” And make sure it’s 
powered by your higher Self, not your ego.
to. So you create your own reality. Make sure 
that what you hold in your attention is what you 
The Law of Prosperity
want to make real. Be confident. Be determined. 
Work energetically towards it.
The Law of Flow
Wealth bestows responsibility
+ power. Consciousness bestows the freedom 
The universe is constantly 
shifting, changing, expanding. So and wisdom to use your wealth with love. True 
prosperity comes when you accept your bountiful 
are you. Nothing is static.
Everything moves. Keep moving out the things birthright and the responsibility + power that 

that no longer serve you – behaviours, emotions, come with it.

thoughts. Make space for the new. Do it 15
consciously, actively, intentionally. Something The Law of Manifestation

always moves into the spaces you create. Make You have manifested every
sure it’s something better, something you want.
single thing that is in your life.

And you will manifest every single 
The Law of Abundance
that is still to come into your life. The former may 
have been unconscious. The latter can be 
Abundance means flowing 
with the higher qualities of life. conscious. Here’s how: 1. Still your mind. 2. Be 
very clear about what you want. 3. Relax and 
Joy. Love. Prosperity. Happiness.
Success. Vitality. Laughter. Generosity. visualise yourself receiving it. 4. Align your 

Abundance is your birthright. Open up to receive vibration to match what you want i.e. act as 
though you already have/it already is. 5. Have 
it. Do + be for others in abundance what you 
want in abundance for yourself.
total faith in its arrival 6. Hold your vision. 7. Take 
action. Do what you need to do to make it

12The Law of Clarity
happen. Meet the universe half‐way.

Clarity moves you from 16
The Law of Success
stuckness and confusion to 
In material terms, success = 
freedom. Get crystal clear about
what you want. Ask for it clearly. Make clear achieving your desired outcome. 
In spiritual terms, {SUCCESS = BELIEF
decisions. The universe will respond, aligning with 
you to manifest your vision.
} It’s about co‐ 
13operation, collaboration, and empowerment. And 
The Law of Intention
it requires you to raise the anchor that’s been 
Intention is the energy you planted in the past or in ego. Out with the old 
gather to you and which you then 
and the limiting. In with future‐calibrating, risk‐ 
translate into action to make
taking and forward‐moving action.
things happen. Hopes, wishes and wants are not


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