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Diana Cooper’s “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws” 
: A Distillation

Part One – The Basic Laws of Life

As Above, So Below
mind. Give the universe a negative instruction 
and it will bring you what you’ve instructed it not 
Passion is fuel. Love is the language of 
divine will. Faith in the divine energy of to. And then you will resist. What you resist 

the universe activates divinity in our lives.
persists. Bottom line, quit resisting. Decide what 
you do want and focus on attracting that instead.
Find your passion. Share it with love. The 
universe supports it. Trust.
6 The Law of Reflection

2As Within, So Without
As within, so without. You have in 

All aspects of your outer world are an yourself the qualities + aspects you 

exact reflection of your inner state. The like/respect/admire in others. You also
have in yourself the very same traits that 
universe will bring you whatever you
believe to be true. People. Your body. Society. irk/anger you about others. Everything is a 
mirror. Everyone who impacts you is a reflection 
Institutions. Life. To change what’s going on in 
your reality, change who you are about of you. Quit denying. Become teachable. Start 
your reality.

The Law of Projection
The Law of Request

You may project your stuff (good + When you need help, ask. Clearly. 
bad) on to others, assuming that stuff 
Calmly. Openly. Likewise, when someone 
exists within them but not within you.
needs help, they will ask. Helping, giving

The truth is: You can only see yourself. You can advice, needing to rescue others out of their 
only hear yourself. You can only talk to yourself, 
mess is your stuff. It’s also spiritual interference. 
criticise yourself, praise yourself. You do not Be patient. Show compassion. Let others take 
know how anyone feels or is. Everything you see 
care of their karma. You take care of yours.
in another is a projection of an aspect of yourself.
8 The Law of Attraction
The Law of Attachment
The foundation: like attracts like. You 
You can have anything you wish in 
are a magnet; you draw to you people + 
your life, but if your happiness or sense of situations with similar energy vibrations
self‐worth depends on it, then you’re
to your own. If you don’t like what you’ve 
attached to it. You can be attached to people, attracted, change your underlying energy about 

expectations, objects, desires, attitudes, + it. Send out waves of light into the universe. You 
emotions. Know that attachment is conditional 
get back what you put out.
love. It creates cords that bind you to your “stuff” 
and stunt spiritual growth. Love + forgiveness 5
The Law of Resistance
dissolve these cords for all time. Love 
unconditionally. Forgive wholly. Detach. You are The foundation: you become what you 
resist. Don’t. Can’t. Won’t. Not. All 
not your stuff.
negative instructions. None of which are

understood or accepted by your subconscious


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